1. Monday.com

Monday.com is a tool for managing tasks, projects, and collaboration for organizations. As of the year 2020, the company will serve 1,000,000 organizations, including many non-technical organizations, resulting in a 250% increase in productivity and ROI.

Monday.com has donated ten permanent pro accounts to Little Roses Foundation in order to automate repetitive processes and duties, increase productivity and work efficiency, and decrease the printing of documents and papers.

2. Automatic multi-integrated online community system

After conducting a survey and analyzing the learning needs, connecting, sharing knowledge, and developing professional skills of collaborators and volunteers in the Foundation’s volunteer network, Little Roses Foundation has selected Cloud Learning System (CLS), a subsidiary of the Huong Viet technology group, as a reputable partner.

CLS is a cloud-based online training software development and management unit that provides E-learning solutions to satisfy the internal training requirements of over a thousand businesses, government agencies such as the Ministry of Home Affairs, and over five hundred institutions throughout Vietnam.

When using the CLS-sponsored, multi-integrated online learning system to deploy soft skills training activities and programs, share volunteer knowledge, connect more than 1,000 collaborators, and recruit volunteers, it is possible to save up to 4.32 billion VND in training costs over a four-year period (90,000.00 VND per person per month x 1,000 people x 12 months x 4 years).