1. Emergency Relief Program

Little Roses Foundation will coordinate with partners, collaborators, volunteers, units, and donors to carry out emergency relief activities and respond effectively and swiftly to requirements of Vietnamese people in emergency cases such as natural disasters, hurricanes, floods, accidents, epidemics, etc.

Possible emergency relief operations include:

– Provide food, water, apparel, and blankets, etc.

– Provide medical services, medications, medical consumables, and other health support infrastructure.

– Provide temporary housing, confinement, and living necessities, etc.

– Coordinate and assist in the search and rescue of individuals who are trapped, missing, or injured.

– Aid in the planning of funerals and other events.

– Provide information and emotional support to those afflicted by an emergency.

– Construct necessary infrastructure, including bridges, roads, clinics, schools, hospitals, shelters, and so on.

Estimated budget: 2 billion VND annually, from domestic or international sources.

2. Assistance program for the disadvantaged

In the process of carrying out charitable activities, in addition to implementing emergency relief programs, Little Roses Foundation also implements the “Assistance program for the disadvantaged” to provide financial support, support equipment, tools, living equipment, means of transportation, skills training programs, career training… in order to support disadvantaged people who are groups of people in society with special characteristics, statuses, or circumstances that have a negative impact on their ability to participate in society.

Estimated budget: 2 billion VND annually, from domestic or international sources.